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Welcome to Harry Shimotsu Elementary.  Harry Shimotsu Elementary has some of the most outstanding students in all of Texas.  The hard work that has been put in by our teachers and students is the reason why we have been an exceptional school for many years.   Our core belief is that student motivation and self-esteem are undermined, not when too much is expected of them, but too little.  We challenge our students to become life long learners who are not afraid to follow their dreams.  We believe that in life there may be obstacles, but all obstacles can be overcome through persistence and hard work.  In the words of W.F. Hickson “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”
   Harry Shimotsu Elementary is a place where community involvement, high teacher expectations, parental involvement and student achievement converge to make an outstanding school.  That is why we can proudly say “Excellence Every Day that’s the SHIMOTSU WAY!”
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Harry Shimotsu Elementary School
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