Sharyland ISD

Skyward Family Access
We have implemented the Skyward Family Access which will allow you to view your child’s grades and advancements through the school year.
Logging In
  • From SISD Home Page (, go to lower left hand corner
    • Click on Family Access link
  • You can obtain the username and password from your child’s school
    • Campus Librarian or Community Liasion can direct you to proper person

Checking Your Child’s Grades

  • From the Family Access home page
    • Click on Gradebook (left hand navigation column)
  • You will see the classes and grades for the current grading period
    • To see other grading periods, use the Prev and Next buttons
  • Posted Grades will appear as Blue Underlined Text
  • Non-Posted grades that exist will show as a notebook icon
    • These are “up to the minute” grades – they are updated as soon as the teacher enters them in his/her gradebook
  • To see grade detail, click on the Posted grade or Notebook Icon
  • Progress Reports are different
    • Grade not underlined
    • To see detail of that progress report, click on the column header
      • PR1, PR2, etc…
  • You can also click on the Missing Assignments and Comments tabs at the top of the screen for additional information

Checking Your Child’s Attendance

  • Click on Attendance (left hand navigation column)
  • Click on the tabs (Calendar, By Day, Term Totals) for additional ways to view your child’s attendance
  • In the Calendar (default) view, click on the date for additional information.

To Print the Information Displayed on the Screen

  • Click on the Print button (upper right corner) to render a printer-friendly format

Other Available Information

  • Schedule – views your child’s current and future (when available) schedules
  • Discipline – views your child’s discipline history
  • Health Information – views your child’s vaccination record
  • Login History – views your account’s login history and areas visited during that login (click view details for areas visited)
Please Click the link to download the file. Note: PC users should Right-Click to download the file to their computer. Apple users should Option-Click to download the file to their hard drive.
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CSCOPE Parent Portal                                       Go to CSCOPE Parent Portal
The CSCOPE Parent Portal is designed to allow parents the opportunity to view all Concepts and Key Understandings associated with each unit in CSCOPE Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (K-12). The listing of CSCOPE Units, Concepts, and Key Understandings on this site represent the versions provided by CSCOPE to each school district/system with an active CSCOPE license for the 2012-13 school year.
Important Note:
CSCOPE is built on the premise that the district and the individual classroom teacher know what’s best for their students. The CSCOPE system is designed with the capabilities for districts to customize curricular and instructional components; therefore, the information and CSCOPE content provided through this Parent Portal may not necessarily reflect local decisions regarding implementation of CSCOPE content.