Professional Development

UPDATE (8/1/2016) Summer 2016 NOTE:  Online TELLIT courses are currently unavailable from the state.  I have been informed by TEA staff that their current priority is transferring courses from Project Share to Texas Gateway.  The TELLIT courses will need to be redesigned since there have been some changes to the TEKS.  However, this will not be a priority at this time.  Check our Summer catalog for face-to-face sessions.  TELLIT courses will also be available in the Fall.  Check Eduphoria Workshop for dates.

We are in the process of planning professional growth opportunities in variable formats in an attempt to meet time availability.  I will include information on this page as it becomes available.
  • Face-to-Face:  Traditional mode of presentation.  Presenter shares information with participants and plans activities that support the content of the session.
  • On-line:  the content is received strictly on-line.
  • On-line with facilitator:  participants meet at a central location with a facilitator.  Participants complete the online session(s); however, the facilitator provides a central location and time for meeting.  The facilitator is available to assist participants with questions.
  • Hybrid:  Participants complete the training in multiple sessions.  They view a portion of online material, then participate in face-to-face group discussions and possible activities.

  • Required for Fall 2016 Stipend Application:  Texas English Language Learner Instructional Tool (TELLIT) Math, Science, or Social Studies (and ELAR) (to be completed by Oct. 31, 2016 for Fall Stipend disbursement)
    • NOTE:  These courses are currently NOT available online
    • TELLIT Math Powerpoint
    • TELLIT Science   Powerpoint
    • TELLIT Social Studies/ELAR Powerpoint
  • Adaptation of Text Powerpoint
  • FOCUSED on Second Language Acquisition PowerPoint
  • Targeted Second Language Acquisition PowerPoint
  • Models of Co-Teaching Presentation based upon a resource from TEA  
  • Journey Through the Process of Language Acquisition   PowerPoint
On-line PD:

  • ELPS Academy (Overview) -  to gain an understanding of how the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) provide cross-curricular second language acquisition essential knowledge and skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 
    • This is a prerequisite course to the ELPS in the Content areas courses
Links to mini-video clips related to Instruction for ELLs:
Building a Foundation for Educators of ELLs (Professional Development)
  • Year 1 - New Teachers (2016-2017):  ELPS Academy (Overview); ELPS; PLDs; CCRSs; WAC; CSR; Sheltered Instruction (3-Days)
  • Year 2 - Current Teachers (2015-16):  ELPS in your content area (Reading/ELA; Math; Science; Social Studies); "ELPS Instructional Tool"
  • Year 3 - Current Teachers (2014-2015 and before):  Texas English Language Learner Instructional Tool (TELLIT) Math, Science or Social Studies/ELAR