Career & Technical Education (CTE)


Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offer a sequence of courses that provide students with coherent and rigorous content.  CTE content is aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for further education and careers in current or emerging professions.


Yoelia Y. Nava
Director of Career and Technical Education
(956) 580-5200 ext.1091 

Career and Technical Education Coordinator
(956) 580-5200 ext.1029


Career & Technical Education Counselors   

Renee Huddleston                                                              Rocio Montemayor
 Pioneer High School                                                          Sharyland High School
(956) 271-1600 ext.4018                                                  (956) 580-5300 ext.1431

CTE College and Career Readiness Advisor

Janet Amaro
 Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy
(956) 584-6467 ext.4426


Rebecca Rodriguez
Career & Technical Education Secretary
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1059

Itzely Ortiz
Career & Technical Education Clerk
(956) 580-5200 ext. 1093