Secondary Students

Cyber Safety for Secondary Students

Online Etiquette

You learn, connect with friends and play games online.  Just as you look both ways when crossing the street (at least we hope you do), be sure to take some precautions when you are online.  Try to remember to always 


STOP - Take safety measures to ensure your safety online. Secure your devices. Use strong passwords.
THINK - Think about the long term consequences of your actions and how they can affect your future. 
CONNECT - Always protect yourself from harm before you connect.  Get savvy about WiFi hotspots, public wireless networks and hotspots are not secure.

Remember personal information is like money. Value it. Protect it.

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Social Media

Know your privacy settings

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Online Searches & Copyright

Sometimes your teacher may task you with doing research online for a project.  Or maybe you just want to find the price of the latest gaming device.  It is important that you search safely and efficiently.  Below are some links to help you understand how you can make your searches more efficient and most importantly safe.

10 tips for smarter, more efficient Internet searching

How to Use Google Search More Effectively (Infographic)

Google Guide - Making Searching Even Easier

You should also make sure that you are following copyright laws, and avoid plagiarism.

Can I use it yes - no?

Copyright and Fair Use Animation

Google Safety Center

A guide to staying safe and secure online.  Google’s Safety Center aims to help you, your family and your friends stay safe and secure on the internet.

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