Free Educational Resources for Parents of Students served through Special Education

Parents of students served through Special Education, here are some available free online resources that can be utilized by the students during Covid-19 school closures. Please encourage your children to engage in these activities on a regular basis. Please check back for updated information.

Social Stories

What is Covid-19?

Visual Schedules

Hand Washing
School Closure
Sick communication board
COVID-19 Chat Board
COVID-19 Chat Board Part 2
Our Home School Schedule
What Hurts Self-Identification Tool
Hand Washing Visual

General Learning Sites

Brain POP

Learning Games

K-5 Learning Games


Storyline Online
Scholastic Magazine Books and Articles


Prodigy Math
Cool Math
Cool Math 4 Kids


Sci Show Youtube
National Geographic


Youtube Art for Kids

Non-Screen Activities

Computer Science without a Computer
31 Day LEGO Challenge
12 Youtube channels to get your kids moving indoors