Recommended Resources

Notes:  Most of these titles are books.  I have added words for the files that resources other than books.
Differentiated Instruction
  • "The Diverse Learner Flip Book:  A User Friendly Guide for Meeting the Needs of All Students"   Author(s):  John Seidlitz 
Educational Research
  • "Keys to Success for English Language Learners"   Author(s):  Carol Carter and Sarah Lyman Kravits
  • "Preparing Quality Educators for English Language Learners:  Research, Policies, and Practices"   Author(s):  Kip Téllez and Hersh C. Waxman 
English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)
  • "ELLevate:  Strategies to Support English Language Learners"   Author(s):  Glencoe
  • "ELPS Academy:  A Framework for ELL Success, Linguistic Instructional Alignment Guide (LIAG)"   Author(s):  Texas Education Agency and Region 20
    • ELPS Resource Supplement - electronic format of additional resources in the LIAG
  • "ELPS Flip Book:  A User Friendly Guide for Academic Language Instruction"   Author(s):  John Seidlitz
  • "English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) Toolkit"   Author(s):  Region 13 Education Service Center 
  • "Flip Into Success:  ELPS at a Glance"   Author(s):  EL Saber Enterprises
  • "Academic Literacy for English Learners:  High-quality Instruction Across Content Areas"   Author(s):  Cynthia Brock, Diane Lapp, Rachel Salas, and Dianna Townsend
  • "Balanced Literacy for English Language Learners, K-2"   Author(s):  Linda Chen and Eugenia Mora-Flores
  • "Connecting Content and Language for English Language Learners"   Author(s):  Eugenia Mora-Flores
  • "Explicit Instruction:  Effective and Efficient Teaching"   Author(s):  Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes
  • "Helping English Language Learners Succeed"   Author(s):  Carmen Zuñiga Dunlap and Evelyn Marino Weisman
  • "The Highly Engaged Classroom"   Author(s):  Robert J. Marzano, Tammy Heflebower, and Debra J. Pickering
  • "Idioms and Other English Expressions", Grades 1-3   Author(s):  Timothy Rasinski
  • "Idioms and Other English Expressions", Grades 4-6   Author(s):  Timothy Rasinski
  • "Mental Models for English/Language Arts", Grades 6-12   Author(s):  aha! Process, Inc.
  • "Mental Models for Math", Grades 6-12   Author(s):  aha! Process, Inc.
  • "Mental Models for Social Studies/History", Grades 6-12   Author(s):  aha! Process, Inc.
  • "Starting Out Right:  A Guide to Promoting Children's Reading Success:   Author(s):  National Research Council
  • "Teaching the Core Skills of Listening & Speaking"   Author(s):  Erik Palmer
  • "Teaching Reading & Comprehension to English Learners K-5"   Author(s):  Margarita Calderon

Instruction - Websites

  • American History - Access articles on different US History topics written at various Lexile levels to provide information for students at a reading level they understand.
  • - Students learn listening, speaking, reading and writing with animated movies and interactive features and teachers get to download resources that go along with the website's curriculum.
  • Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon - images demonstrating the true meaning of the word, making it easier for ELs to understand.
  • EL Civics for ESL Students - Various resources and PowerPoints on U.S. History for ESL students
  • Khan Academy - a free website that provides instructional support to all students, all grade levels, in all content areas plus Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance, and College Test Prep
  • - helps language learners acquire the vocabulary of the physical world using an image based guide which contains up to 2,435 words.  Excellent for vocabulary acquisition.
  • Many Things - quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, and many other computer assisted language learning activities for ESL.
  • Math: Interactive Glossary - you can change the language at the top right hand corner
  • Social Studies Audio Glossary - click on a word and hear a brief, basic definition
  • Social Studies - iCivics - lesson plans and activities to help teach young people to understand the structure of our government and its branches and to cultivate informed citizens.
  • Using English - a large and growing collection of ESL tools and resources for teachers and students.
  • Verb Conjugation Website - English       Spanish/Español
  • Voice of America's American History for ESL Learners - transcripts with recorded readings to help students improve their reading and listening skills.
  • Weblinks to various Social Studies Resources - this list is suitable for Middle School and High School
  • Writing - Your Dictionary - provides a list of elementary school transition words and phrases for grades 1 through middle school
Instructional Coaching
  • "Instructional Coaching:  A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction:   Author(s):  Jim Knight 
Instructional Strategies
  • "50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners", 4th Edition   Author(s):  Adrienne L. Herrell and Michael Jordan
  • "Activities for English Language Learners Across the Curriculum", Grades K-5   Author(s):  Stephen A. White
  • "Classroom Instruction that Works"   Author(s):  Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering, and Jane E. Pollock
  • "A Handbook for Classroom Instruction that Works"   Author(s):  Robert J. Marzano, Jennifer S. Norford, Diane E. Paynter, Debra J. Pickering and Barbara B. Gaddy
  • "Research-Based Strategies:  Narrowing the Achievement Gap for Under-Resourced Students"   Author(s):  Ruby K. Payne 
  • The Teacher Toolkit - Region 13 has a website with many tools for teachers.  Categories include:  Classroom Management; Opening Activities; Checks for Understanding; Partner Practice; Group Practice; Independent Practice; Reading Strategies; Games; and Closing Activities.
  • "Encyclopedia of Teacher/Classroom Blackline Masters:  Includes 200+ Forms for New Teachers and Veterans Too!", Grades K-6 
  • New Teacher Survival Guide - This site has links to many ideas for a successful start to the school year.

Sheltered Instruction

  • "99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners with The SIOP Model"   Author(s):  MaryEllen Vogt & Jana Echevarría
  • "Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners:  The SIOP Model", 1st-4th Editions   Author(s):  Jana Echevarría, MaryEllen Vogt, and Deborah J. Short
  • "Scaffolding for English Language Learners:  The Comprehension Toolkit" (Grades 3-6)   Author(s):  Anne Goudvis, Stephanie Harvey, Brad Buhrow, and Anne Upczak-Garcia
Vocabulary/Academic Language Instruction
  • "Building Academic Language through Content-Area Text:  Strategies to Support English Language Learners"   Author(s):  Erica Bowers and Laura Keisler
  • "Science for English Language Learners:  Developing Academic Language Through Inquiry-Based Instruction"   Author(s):  Dolores Beltran, Lilia E. Sarmiento, Eugenia Mora-Flores
  • "Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners"   Author(s):  Michael F. Graves, Diane August, and Jeannette Mancilla-Martinez 
  • "Words Their Way with English Learners:  Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling"   Author(s):  Lori Helman, Donald R. Bear, Shane Templeton, Marcia Invernizzi, and Francine Johnston