Volunteer Program

What are the requirements? 

A good volunteer is….

  • Consistent.
  • Dependable – punctual and regular in attendance.
  • Has a genuine interest in the school.
  • Is respectful and appreciative of both teachers and students.
  • Faithful to his or her commitment.
The volunteer provides supportive and supplemental services under the direction and supervision of a teacher or staff member.
The district also asks that the volunteers conform to the same dress code as students and teachers. As an important role model, the volunteer is an example to the children in behavior, speech and dress.
The volunteer knows that his or her personal contribution to the education of children is setting the fine example of an interested and informed citizen serving a good cause.
The classroom teacher is responsible for the class at all times. The volunteer will not be left in charge of any class.
The school to identify the volunteer provides a name badge. A “sign in” record at the front office is kept to record district-wide, volunteer time. The record also indicates who is in the building at all times for the students’ protection.