SISD District Novel Lists

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                     SISD District Novel Lists
                     (2nd - 12th grade) 

The SISD district novel list was selected by a number of teachers, librarians, and administrators. In order to avoid students reading the same novel in successive grades, teachers are asked to stick to their grade level for novel choices. Teachers are allowed to read a novel at a lower grade level however, you are asked to never choose from a grade above that which you are teaching. 

2023 - 2024 Elementary Novel List

2023- 2024 Secondary Novel List

The purpose of the District Novel List is:
  • To communicate readings between grade levels
  • To identify those works approved by the district novel committee

Each December or early January the district novel list will be reviewed by the district novel committee. At that time, the department/grade level discusses and determines novels that need to be moved to another grade level or new titles that need to be added to the list.