Teacher Incentive Allotment - TIA



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Sharyland ISD TIA Updates

Updated 2/7/24

02.07.24       Stakeholder Engagement Team - Weights in Local Designation System                                                 Session

01.17.24       Stakeholder Engagement Team - Observation Overview and Planning                                                 Session

01.11.24      Stakeholder Engagement Team - Student Growth Overview and                                                          Planning Session 

12.22.23       100% of SISD teachers, who responded to our TIA survey, were in                                                     agreement to proceed with applying for local designation.

12.20.23       TIA Informational Session at PHS Big 12 Lecture Hall - 4:30 PM


12.19.23       TIA Informational Session at SHS Library Lecture Hall - 4:30 PM


12.13.23       TIA Informational Session at SHS Auditorium - 4:30 PM


12.12.23       TIA Informational Session at PHS Auditorium - 4:30 PM


12.06.23       Sharyland ISD Joined Region One’s TIA Consortium