Special Education



In the Sharyland Independent School District Special Education Department, students with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in an educational program designed to meet their individual needs. Students are educated in an environment that will contribute to their educational success. We focus on empowering all students with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Our goal is to provide valuable daily educational experiences, which will prepare each student for a lifetime of meaningful and functional living. Services are provided on a continuum of child-centered and supportive services combined to meet the needs of eligible students with disabilities. 
We believe that parental and community involvement is essential for high-quality education. When parents participate, we all become partners in the success of their children.

1200 N. Shary Rd. 
Mission, TX 78572

Referral for Special Education:
The referral process starts with recommendations from either: (a) teachers, (b) parents, or (c) other professionals. If a student is determined to be eligible for special education an Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD)/Individual Education Program (IEP) Committee meeting is held. Committee members discuss and agree upon an appropriate educational program and placement for the student.

Leila Flores-Torres, Ph. D., LSSP

Special Education Director