Skyward Student Access

We have implemented Skyward Student Access which will allow you to view your grades and advancements through the school year.
Logging In
  • Click on the banner above to log in 
    • Use your computer user name and password
  • You can also access Skyward Student from the SISD Home Page ( Once there go to lower left hand corner 
    • Click on Family Access link and use your computer user name and password

Checking Your Grades

  • From the Student Access home page
  • Click on Gradebook (left hand navigation column)
  • You will see the classes and grades for the current grading period
    • To see other grading periods, use the Prev and Next buttons
  • Posted Grades will appear as Blue Underlined Text
  • Non-Posted grades that exist will show as a notebook icon
    • These are “up to the minute” grades – they are updated as soon as the teacher enters them in his/her gradebook
  • To see grade detail, click on the Posted grade or Notebook Icon
  • Progress Reports are different
    • Grade not underlined
    • To see detail of that progress report, click on the column header
      • PR1, PR2, etc…
  • You can also click on the Missing Assignments and Comments tabs at the top of the screen for additional information

Checking Your Attendance

  • Click on Attendance (left hand navigation column)
  • Click on the tabs (Calendar, By Day, Term Totals) for additional ways to view your child’s attendance
  • In the Calendar (default) view, click on the date for additional information.

To Print the Information Displayed on the Screen

  • Click on the Print button (upper right corner) to render a printer-friendly format

Other Available Information

  • Schedule – view your current and future (when available) schedules  
  • Login History – views your account’s login history and areas visited during that login (click view details for areas visited)