Weather Updates

Information about Closings
Sharyland ISD campuses are occasionally closed due to bad weather such as unexpected cold weather, flooding, tropical storms, or hurricanes. The following information should help families understand what procedures Sharyland ISD uses to close the school district.

Making the Decision to Close Schools

Sharyland ISD takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously.  In the event of inclement weather, we have personnel designated to drive sectors of the district during the early morning hours to determine if the major roads are passable.

The Superintendent also coordinates with her executive cabinet, local districts, and/or law enforcement agencies to make decisions about closing schools due to weather conditions.  Factors for consideration include flooding throughout the district, impassable roads due to high water, icy patches on major roadways and bridges, and weather predictions for later in the day.

Please keep in mind that with 26 square miles of land in the Sharyland ISD, some areas may experience minor flooding or icy patches for a short period of time, but the majority of the district may not be affected.

Notification Process for Closings and Delays

Under most circumstances, a decision to close school due to bad weather is made by 6:00 a.m.  If enough information is available, school district officials may make a decision the night before and families will be notified before 11:00 p.m.

If school is closed, the announcement will first be sent internally to administrative staff to inform our employees; we will proceed to send a Remind Message (via texts/app alerts) district-wide; information will also be posted on the Sharyland ISD Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  We will proceed to post the information on this page.  Finally, families will be notified by email through the SchoolMessenger/Skylert notification system.  It is important that families keep their contact phone number current in Skyward Family Access if they want to receive notifications.

The information will be sent to local television and radio stations as well, yet we cannot ensure that they will post this information in a timely manner.

Other Important Information

Families are encouraged not to call the school offices since no employees are answering the phones late at night or early in the morning. The Sharyland ISD website, Facebook, and Twitter are the quickest sources of information for a school closing.